Wonders Would Never Cease
Key of E, Waltz Time

If all of us really were cowboys,

This would still be a beautiful land -
An if all of us really were farmers,
There'd be plenty of food at hand -
If all of us really were dreamers,
An' we all dreamed a dream of peace -
Texas would still be Texas, and
Wonders Would Never Cease!

We all say we love country music,
But what about real country ways?
All the things that once made Texas special
Lie buried beneath new highways!
Where's our pride and our independence?
We all shop at the same big box stores -
Fast food but no family dinners -
We spend way too much time indoors!

An' every picker and singer
Is dreamin' and schemin',
'Bout a condo in Austin;
Two weeks in Cancún -
Kids don' know cows no' mo',
Milk come from tha grocery store -
Might as well come from tha moon!

Yeah, if all of us really were outlaws
Tha' banks wouldn't own ever'-thing -
An' if all of us really were Willie -
Gawd, how this country could sing!
If all of us really are dreamers,
An' we all dream a dream of peace -
Texas could still be Texas -
And Wonders Would Never Cease!

©mariann g wizard, 7/10/05
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