I write (among other things) for a living. You can see reviews and comments on several of my  books at www.Lulu.com and also order them in print or electronic form from Lulu or from online booksellers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. If you're in or near Austin, TX, you can find my books at fine local shops, all of them, in their own ways, helping Keep Austin Weird. You can also ask your favorite bookseller anywhere to order "through normal distribution channels!" (In other words, there's no reason to do without your very own copies!)

I have two new books now available in print form from Lulu, and soon to be available through other print channels; HEMPSEED FOOD is also available in an  eBook edition. Check my Facebook and/or LinkedIn pages for info on upcoming book signings. If you'd like to suggest a venue for a book event, please contact me through Facebook of LinkedIn; I would love to come to your town and to your favorite writers' venue!

HEMPSEED FOOD: The REAL Secret Ingredient for Health & Happiness . Learn how to LEGALLY OBTAIN and  USE the food big agribusiness and food monopolists DON'T WANT YOU TO HAVE: Delicious, Nutritious, Versatile, Heart-Healthy Hempseed. More protein than beef! ALLthe esssential fatty acids! Plus vitamins, minerals, and fiber, in the first crop ever cultivated for food! Simple preparation, easy recipes for every occasion! " We can end hunger, cure cancer, and reverse the greenhouse effect with Cannabis Hemp. Mariann's boook takes a much-needed step toward that desirable future !" -- Jeannie Herer, www. JackHerer.com

Didn't You Hear Me the First Time? and End Games -- recent-ish poems and drawings. With an Introduction by Bob Lee, "Da Mayor" of Houston's historic 5th Ward.
This immensely enjoyable collection of subversive verse is written with a clear head and deep heart. A delight from page to page ."-- David Meltzer, author of When I Was a Poet (Pocket Poets #60, CityLights).
     "'Garcia Lorca’s Grave'
makes Mariann, for me, a natural member of the International Brigade of Poets!  I could not hold myself from sharing it with friends in the recent 70th momentous commemoration of Garcia Lorca’s death. In it, she combines rhymes and associations that we all have – the rain in Spain, for whom the bells toll… and turns the flowery-innocent, and literary, into committed political verse ." -- Cristina Herencia, Ph.D, Arequipa, Peru
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